Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the winner is...

Snowboarding. The weekend turned more into winter then spring.

Saturday was a bit chilly and the day was mostly spent shopping. Lots of bike sales this weekend. Shopping did not end in much purchasing. Turns out our oldest son, Kevin, has grown tall enough that the tandem seatpost sticks out far enough to fit the clamp for our existing trail-a-bike. So a new Burley is not needed.

Started snowing Saturday night and by morning there were a few new inches of white on the ground. Made a perfect end to the snowboarding season. Sunny and 40 degrees didn't hurt too much either. Now for the second time this year Chad can fix up the dings and scrapes on the boards, rewax if needed, and hang them up for next season.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting started too

We'll get this blog thing figured out soon enough, maybe.

I just hope once we get the new Burley I can keep up with the boys on their triple setup of bikes. I have less weight to push forward, but they may have up to triple the power.

Tis the season for the unknown weather. Question for the weekend is will it snow and we can go snowboarding, or will it be warm and sunny and we will want to bike or run.

Getting started

So after reading many blogs I decided to take a shot at one along with my wife. It might take some time to get rolling but hopefully we will have something interesting to say.

Right now I'm training for my second half marathon coming up sooner than I care to think about.

Cycling season is fast approaching and I have plans to add a Burley Picolo trail-a-bike to the back of our tandem. Time to get the boys out for more than a couple miles at a time. Rides will be myself and our boys ages 11 and 5 on the tandem plus Picolo and my wife will go solo on one of her bikes.