Monday, November 30, 2009


So for the second year in a row Jen and I headed out early Thanksgiving morning to run the Berbee Derby 10K run. The weather was cold and breezy but once we got moving we warmer up and were comfortable. We got parked about 10 minutes before the start so by the time we made the mandatory stop at the restroom (port-a-potty) the wait in the starting chute was short.

Our plan was to go out slow and keep a steady pace or pickup the pace in the second half of the run. The first mile is pretty crowded so since we had lined up near the back we had no trouble keeping the pace at 10 minutes per mile. Mile 2 was into the wind more but by the time we turned west at the second timing mat before mile 3 we were plenty warm and the wind had died down. We both had our Amphipod bottles so we only picked up water at the stop during mile 3 to top Jen's bottle off. We continued to keep right on our 10 minute pace ending with a time of 1:02:14, the best part was Jen felt way better than last year with about the same finish time.

We had seen a coffee shop along the start of the run so we headed there, lights went out as we approached so we turned for the car. The only other coffee shop nearby was packed so we jumped in the car and headed off to find a shorter line. The third shop we came to was open and not swamped so despite it being s Starbucks we went in and ordered a couple of flavored drinks, I forget exactly what but it had a long name and was expensive compared to the shop we frequent near home.

The rest of the day we ate, first brunch at my mom's followed by Thanksgiving dinner with Jen's family. I think everyone made a commitment to join us next year at the run by walking the 5k course. One other commitment may have been made by Jen, I have a 20k in May I plan to run and I think she is going to join me which will be fun.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There goes the lawn

So after a cold ride Monday on the bike trail the last 15 feet were the most fun. Thanks to the downhill coming home I had good speed when I hit the grass, I'm not sure why but I grabbed the rear brake and locked the rear wheel. Instant skid, instant smile, then it was over. Now the only question is if the grass will hold up to repeated abuse because I see myself doing it again soon. If I wear a dirt path in the lawn I'll post a picture.

Not much else went on this past weekend to talk about. Zack and I placed a travel bug in the geocache near our home. Grand plans to move it hours away fell through with the poor weather forecast.

Now back to thinking about snowboarding and picking events for next year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me and my son got new shoes (ghost written by Zack)

Zack helped me with the title, and is helping me write this blog entry.

Zack helped me pick my shoes out. (That's all Zack can think of to say, so I will take over now)

Zack and I headed to buy him new shoes tonight, as his current pair was getting too tight. Of course, when I go into a shoe store I can usually find something for myself too. After I helped him pick out a pair of "cool" shoes, I scanned the clearance room for shoes in my size. I spotted a couple pairs of Nike Frees on the shelf. Both sizes fit well, and after deliberation and talking to Chad on the phone I picked up a pair to purchase. I had researched the shoe after my knee injury, and it is to simulate barefoot running. I'll try them out next spring.

Spending time alone with Zack is usually eventful. I usually end up laughing out loud at some point. On the way home from the shoe store we were talking about near everything. Somehow we got on the subject of counting and counting grades in school for Kevin. He is in seventh now and when we got to thirteen I told Zack high school stops at twelve, and he correctly stated that Kevin would be in college then. He asked what Kevin would go to college for, and I told him I wasn't sure but he had time to figure it out from classes he likes taking in school now. Zack said he wanted to be a firefighter, or drive a truck like Dad, but for any company. He then said...."or I could be whatever Kevin decides to be." Not sure where this was going because they can never agree on anything, so I asked. He said, "Well then I could still see him everyday, except on the weekends, but I guess we could see each other on the weekends too if we are both living at home." How cute is that? I'm guessing by the time they both hit teenage years this idea will be far from any thoughts. I did tell him, the living at home thing after college, not going to happen!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Short Ride

Sunday I went on a 15 mile ride, sure short for me but I wasn't alone. Zack was along on the trail-a-bike pulled behind my mountain bike. We had not made it out to Blue Mounds State Park by bike all year and it was his goal for the ride. Actually his goals for the ride were to climb the tower at the park and get Rolos on the way back.

We rode the rail trail out west to the park access trail where I got the first hint of the pain I was in for. The 7.5 mile ride to the top climbs about 850 feet according to the Garmin. We stopped so Zack could get a drink before heading up the big climb to the top of the park. I wonder what the drivers coming downhill thought as we crawled our way to the top. Zack somehow had plenty of lung capacity to talk about Sunday school all the way up, and I did my best to respond but was pretty busy just breathing. The combination of a 30+ pound bike, 20 pound trailer bike and 40 pounds of Zack was a lot to move but we made it.

Once at the top we headed for the tower. We snapped a few pictures with the phone and talked to a couple who were shocked we had ridden to the top of the hill. Then we needed to get going, so straight down the road into Blue Mounds we went for the snack stop. It was getting cool pretty quick with the sun dropping, so we ate a couple Rolos each and hit the trail for home.

We were now racing a disappearing sun and dropping temperature. We yelled our way through the "echo tunnel" aka the culvert underpass and discussed what the rd. and jct. on the signs Zack was reading stood for as we went. Eventually Zack got cold enough he stopped pedaling to stay warm, he wasn't buying my suggestion that pedaling was a better way to warm up.

Once home he jumped off the bike and after getting the remaining candy out of the seat bag he headed inside to warm up. I got to put the gear away alone but at least I had company for the ride.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Night Run and Day Ride

So this weekend we stayed in town since Jen had Fire Command duty until Sunday night. I got a 3 mile run in on Saturday morning alone before meeting for coffee. Sunday was yard work followed by a nap, the boys played outside and skipped the nap and work. At 6pm Jen and I hit the road up to the rail trail, running at night might become a regular activity. Thanks to the full moon it was light enough we didn't get tripped up and made our turn for home after a mile or so on the trail.

This morning after a strong cup of coffee I headed out on my single speed cross bike. Mid 40's and a headwind made for a hard but cool ride out to Blue Mounds State Park by way of the Military Ridge bike trail. Once in the park I spun past the new bicycle/hike in campground. It looks nice 9 sites I think with toilets and a small shelter in the middle. The campsites are accessed off the connector trail that enters the park from the rail trail. Up next was a tour of the beginner mountain bike trails, my 42x16 gear and 700c wheels really can't handle more than that. I think the GPS said I did about 2.5 miles on the trails before heading home on the road. A big descent lead into a short stretch of headwind fighting before the road turned so I got to ride with the wind most of the way back to town.

Just a few pics from the ride, missed the rail trail so two out of three surfaces will have to do.

Only a month or so and I'll be taking more pics like this,