Monday, November 30, 2009


So for the second year in a row Jen and I headed out early Thanksgiving morning to run the Berbee Derby 10K run. The weather was cold and breezy but once we got moving we warmer up and were comfortable. We got parked about 10 minutes before the start so by the time we made the mandatory stop at the restroom (port-a-potty) the wait in the starting chute was short.

Our plan was to go out slow and keep a steady pace or pickup the pace in the second half of the run. The first mile is pretty crowded so since we had lined up near the back we had no trouble keeping the pace at 10 minutes per mile. Mile 2 was into the wind more but by the time we turned west at the second timing mat before mile 3 we were plenty warm and the wind had died down. We both had our Amphipod bottles so we only picked up water at the stop during mile 3 to top Jen's bottle off. We continued to keep right on our 10 minute pace ending with a time of 1:02:14, the best part was Jen felt way better than last year with about the same finish time.

We had seen a coffee shop along the start of the run so we headed there, lights went out as we approached so we turned for the car. The only other coffee shop nearby was packed so we jumped in the car and headed off to find a shorter line. The third shop we came to was open and not swamped so despite it being s Starbucks we went in and ordered a couple of flavored drinks, I forget exactly what but it had a long name and was expensive compared to the shop we frequent near home.

The rest of the day we ate, first brunch at my mom's followed by Thanksgiving dinner with Jen's family. I think everyone made a commitment to join us next year at the run by walking the 5k course. One other commitment may have been made by Jen, I have a 20k in May I plan to run and I think she is going to join me which will be fun.