Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Unexpected Intervals

If you want a good interval workout in your trail running, just get a Zack. 
A Zack will keep you going at a nice, leisurely pace, then BAM time to sprint!  Just as you are getting your legs working hard, BAM, time to stop abruptly.  For Zack intervals, it doesn't matter if you are going uphill, downhill or flat, you need to go the same speed.  In fact to make things easy, a Zack only has three speeds STOP, SLOW, and GO.  A Zack keeps you interested in the run with the anticipation, since you never know how long before the next interval.  Interested in a Zack, you will have to find your own, ours is booked.

The whole family went out to Blue Mounds State Park for a trail hike/run.  The start of the hike was muddy, the ground was wet, and a vehicle had driven down the trail and torn up the grass, leaving muddy tracks.
Chad took us to a "new to us" area that he had been to before.  It sinks down into a valley, and there are chances for waterfalls depending on water run off. 

Zack wanted to run sporadically, and Kevin wanted to find his own way.  We took a bag of jelly beans for encouragement and energy.  
Everyone had fun, and it was a good hike/run.