Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Run of 2011

Ended the year with a 10 mile run down the bike trail. Looking at my totals for the year I ran 897.76 miles and cycled 1172. My bike mileage is a bit pathetic compared to the past but I was hating road riding this year. Wish I had seen I was just short of 900 miles running, I could have gone longer this morning. 2012 mileage will only be zero until I get out tomorrow.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snow Running

Fresh snow on the ground for my long run this week. At first I wasn't excited but it turned out to be a great run. Shoveling the driveway made it clear it was going to be slippery running especially where the snow was cleared. While getting ready I decided to try adding screws to my old Saucony Kinvavas, 6  #6 by 3/8" per shoe and I was ready. With no route in mind I ended up on the bike trail heading west towards Blue Mounds. I'm prone to telling myself I'll turn around up ahead, and up ahead just keeps getting pushed further and further out of town. Finally just before 5 miles out from home I soaked one shoe in hidden slush, I still pushed it out to the full 5 so as to not have to make it up back in town.

157 days until my second marathon Between now and then I plan to run a few shorter races. Up first a 5k in February . The March race will be the, unknown distance until Zack commits or bails on his 5k plan. He really wants the t-shirt and right now the plan is to run walk the course with him. The final pre-marathon race will be a 20k, this will be my third time around the lake. After the marathon it will be back to trail races, possibly the weekend after but no details are posted yet

No I haven't given up cycling, I'm debating trying to fit in a 165 mile trail ride the weekend before the Lake Monona race. Seems unlikely at this point