Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me and my son got new shoes (ghost written by Zack)

Zack helped me with the title, and is helping me write this blog entry.

Zack helped me pick my shoes out. (That's all Zack can think of to say, so I will take over now)

Zack and I headed to buy him new shoes tonight, as his current pair was getting too tight. Of course, when I go into a shoe store I can usually find something for myself too. After I helped him pick out a pair of "cool" shoes, I scanned the clearance room for shoes in my size. I spotted a couple pairs of Nike Frees on the shelf. Both sizes fit well, and after deliberation and talking to Chad on the phone I picked up a pair to purchase. I had researched the shoe after my knee injury, and it is to simulate barefoot running. I'll try them out next spring.

Spending time alone with Zack is usually eventful. I usually end up laughing out loud at some point. On the way home from the shoe store we were talking about near everything. Somehow we got on the subject of counting and counting grades in school for Kevin. He is in seventh now and when we got to thirteen I told Zack high school stops at twelve, and he correctly stated that Kevin would be in college then. He asked what Kevin would go to college for, and I told him I wasn't sure but he had time to figure it out from classes he likes taking in school now. Zack said he wanted to be a firefighter, or drive a truck like Dad, but for any company. He then said...."or I could be whatever Kevin decides to be." Not sure where this was going because they can never agree on anything, so I asked. He said, "Well then I could still see him everyday, except on the weekends, but I guess we could see each other on the weekends too if we are both living at home." How cute is that? I'm guessing by the time they both hit teenage years this idea will be far from any thoughts. I did tell him, the living at home thing after college, not going to happen!