Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy Run

Sunday turned into long run day since the rest of the week would be too busy. Also doubted I should run 18 miles before going to work.

I set my alarm for 6am and had my gear laid out hoping the forecast for rain and wind wouldn't materialize. I woke up and crawled right back in bed, wind and rain could be heard in the bedroom. Worried I would not go later had me out and on the road 40 minutes later.

The rain had turned to mist but the wind was strong. I headed to the valley north of town that I figured would shelter me from the worst of the wind. After 3 miles the rain came back and I chose to push on instead of turning back towards town. I figured there would be no cutting short if I was not near home. I was to pick Jen up at mile 12 so she could get 6 or 7 miles and had made my way back to the rail trail heading into town before texting her that I'd be a bit later than planned. Eventually she responded that radar showed more rain on the way soon so she would go later. I made my way to town against the wind but no rain so far. A quick stop at the fire station and I headed east out of town on the rail trail. Three miles east all downhill then a u-turn and back up the same way. About a mile from home the rain started again. I had been trying to speed up and the rain provided motivation turning the last mile into my fastest of the day.

One sore heel and lots of tight muscles but overall not a bad 3 hours. Now for a easy week before my 20k race this Saturday.