Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Pumpkin Picking

OK, that's not a pumpkin, but it was good.  Cleaning out the camera and thinking back to what we have done the last couple of weeks I found this gem.  We went out to brunch at Bluephie's a couple weeks ago and I had a Bloody Mary to go along with.  This was an ultimate Wisconsin style Bloody Mary complete with bacon and cheese as garnish.  With all the veggies it was a meal in itself.  The rest of the meal was pretty good too.

We went to pick pumpkins "out of the patch" at our CSA farm, Middlebury Hills.  There were lots to choose from and they had a pumpkin wash tank set up so we didn't have to take the field dirt home with us.  There was a carving station set up, but we told the kids they better wait if they wanted their pumpkins presentable for Halloween.

Zack found a friendly face in the field

Which one did I pick?  That orange one over on the right, or maybe that orange one.....
My birthday also came and went in the last couple weeks.  There was lots of eating out, cakes and shopping.  Here are a couple highlights:

We went to Ginza, a hibatchi restaurant.  The show is great, and so is the food.  The flaming onion is always one of the most spectacular. 
Here is the cake I picked out, a pistachio chocolate cake from Whole Foods.  Their desserts are always spectacular in decoration.  The cake was super moist with multiple fillings, but it was quite sweet too with a thick white coating over the entire surface that was airbrushed with green and brown coloring.