Saturday, January 1, 2011

Catching up on the Holidays

Just thought I would post some pictures from the last few weeks.  The holidays have been busy, but we made it through.  The weather has now turned icy cold after most of the snow was eaten by warm temperatures and rain the last couple days.  It doesn't make for good conditions at the ski hill.  We have yet to go down the hill this year, although Zack did some practicing in the backyard and Kevin has a school snowboarding trip coming up this next week.

Here is a video of Zack practicing.

We did make it to the sledding hill.  Here is a picture of Chad and Zack on their first run.

Zack was big into Christmas this year.  He finally got that R2D2 robot that was on his list last year too.  R2 almost took a tumble down our stairs while he was out on patrol but Kevin saved him.

Zack also got a new sled for Christmas and he needed to try it out when we got home that night.  He kept telling Chad "just one more time" and Zack asked him to take pictures until he got one just right.

I tried to use our camera to take some shots of the Christmas tree ornaments.  I saw Pioneer Woman's Bokeh Contest and tried to make some of my own shots.  The principal is that the close object is clear but the background lights are blurred so they show as just fuzzy circles of light.  My first attempts did not go well but it looks cool. 
This shot is the closest I had, but I think the problem is that the lights behind the ornament are too close for the adjustments that our point and shoot camera can handle.  Chad is giving me some more pointers so I will practice throughout the year and be ready for when the tree goes up again.