Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Madison Farmer's Market trip of the year

The whole family made our first trip to the farmer's market on the capital square today. Only about half of the vendors were there, but the weather is still cool. The ones important to the kids were there including the beef jerky and cheese curd stops.
As usual, Zack needed to make a pit stop at the capital bathrooms. They now have security checkpoints at the entrances so we had our bag of purchases checked and pockets emptied. Guess times are changing in Wisconsin.
And apparently the Blogger app for the Android phone doesn't like vertical pictures.  Chad and I are still trying to figure it out, but no matter how we attach the picture from the phone it shows up sideways.  And they can't be modified in the post once it's imported.  So...just turn your head to the side to see a couple pictures from our trip.