Monday, May 16, 2011

Chocolate Raspberry Roctane Review

As previously posted, I received a special package from Gu on Saturday.  One of the items was samples of their new Chocolate Raspberry Roctane.  As a Roctane lover, in addition to a chocolate and raspberry flavor lover, I was excited to try out the new flavor.  There was nothing on the Gu website on Saturday, but they now have the new flavor up and available.

I took one of the gels with me on the 2011 Urban Assault Madison race, and got around to trying it out after the ride.  I was very impressed with the flavor.  It addressed both flavor components equally in my opinion.  The raspberry was not overpowering and tasted natural.  This flavor is a great addition to the Roctane lineup, as there was no chocolate based flavor before. 

Compared to other Roctane flavors I would rank this as one of my favorites.  I have tried them all, in fact made my way through a Gu Sampler last year.  The sampler is a great way to experience all the products and figure out what you like and dislike.  The Cherry Lime Roctane was my most recent go to flavor.  It was new and refreshing and combined a citrus component that I enjoy.  The Pineapple is a great flavor, but I tend to use others since there is no caffeine component in this one.  The Vanilla Orange filled the favorite spot prior to  the introduction of the Cherry Lime.  This flavor reminds me of a Dreamsicle.  The Blueberry Pomegranate is not enjoyable.  I feel there is an extremely fake taste to this one. 

Which Roctane will I stock?  I like to mix things up a bit, so I don't get bored with a flavor.  I will continue to keep some Pineapple for those longer endurance activities when I don't need the continuous caffeine.  My main purchases will be the Cherry Lime and the new Chocolate Raspberry.  The weather on Sunday was cool, and in my experience, the chocolate flavors are not as enjoyable in the summer heat.  I'll give it a try though, since the raspberry flavor may help this gel out a bit in that respect. 

The opinions posted here are my honest review, and although Gu provided me with the promotional samples, they really have no idea who I am or that I have a blog.  The products were provided as a "sorry" for a Gu Brew postage due snafu in the April Fools Day free sample promo.  Thanks Gu Energy for all the samples.  They were well worth the 90 cents I had to pay for postage on my first package.