Sunday, May 27, 2012

Madison Marathon 2012

Chad's goal this year was to complete another marathon, after the course in 2010 was closed down early.  His training started in the cold winter months.  Unfortunately this year the Madison Marathon course was closed again, this time on Friday before the race.  Anticipated weather forecasts were into the 90's for the day.

Marathon runners were asked to run the half marathon.  Chad was not exactly happy about it.  Before the expo, he suggested that we could run the 10k that is run at twilight on Saturday night before the half marathon since he was not running the full marathon.  Since I had a 6.5 mile training run scheduled, I figured the 10k would fit well enough.  I like races that look like they would be fun and the Twilight 10k was run starting at 8 pm from Capital Square and runners wore issued twinkling lights.  I guess shiny, flashing lights are all I need.  We both signed up, and Chad was able to save $20 on his entry after asking for a discount due to his marathon run being cancelled. 

We did my scheduled run/walk training plan for the race, and it worked well.  I was happy with how well I felt at the end of the race, and I didn't die on the hills.  Running towards the Capital at night was also very motivating for those last hills.  I finished in 1:04.  I even received a medal.  They had post race snacks perfect for night time including chocolate milk, Rocky Rococo pizza, and a beer.

Chad's half marathon started at 7:15 Sunday morning.  It was pretty cool out yet, but weather was still looking to be hot by late morning.  He had an app on his phone called Glympse, that let me track his up to date location.  I saw him out on the course a couple of times, and the rest of my time was spent waiting in line for a coffee and bagel.  I felt lazy; Chad ran 3 miles in the time it took me to wait in line for a mocha.  It wasn't too hot by the time he finished, but the heat was rising.  I think he was happy with his race, given the conditions. 
Chad in sleeveless blue shirt under Monona Terrace on John Nolen
Just before the turn to the finish on Capital Square

Training runs for me continue through the summer until my half marathon in August.  Chad will be running with me.  I guess I'll let him carry all my water and fuel.(just kidding)  Here's hoping for good weather for the Madison Mini-Marathon.