Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taking the animals to the zoo

We have been staying close to home for vacation.  Experiencing things in the Madison area.  Yesterday we went to the Wisconsin Veterans Museum and had lunch on State Street.  The Veterans Museum has a lot of cool displays and has free admission.  Just across the street from the State Capital.

Today we went to the zoo.

There are new animal statues that are painted by various artists throughout the zoo.  These guys had their picture taken by a cat with a cat on it.

The boys and I sat on a polar bear.

Zack wanted to ride the carousel, so the boys all went for a ride this time.  I experimented with the camera trying to get good shots.  I realized a rotating circular object on which people are moving in a different direction is hard to capture in an artsy way. Takes a lot more skill than I currently have. That and our camera speed sucks.  By the time it captured one shot and processed the picture the boys were passed me.  And they only go around so many times.  Maybe next time I will try with Kevin's camera.  It is much newer, and he has so many program settings that he probably has a "carousel" setting.