Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bombay bicycle Club WSC 2010

The Wright Stuff Century was held on Labor Day Sunday starting at Tyrol Basin outside of Mount Horeb, WI.This was my 5th consecutive year riding the WSC, the last two have been the 60ish mile option with Jenny on the tandem.So the weekend started with route marking Saturday morning. We've been marking a portion of the route for a few years and I expect that will continue.

Sunday morning started early and chilly, I think we were up at 6:30 and temps were in the low 50's. The Subaru was already loaded so once my mom came over ( thanks mom ) to wait for the boys to get up we were off to Tyrol.  Packet pickup was quick and we hit the road around 8am. It wasn't long till I wished I had full finger gloves on, I was already wearing knickers and arm warmers. Jenny had frozen fingers as well despite being out of the wind behind me.
About 25 miles and 3 or 4 climbs later we hit the first rest stop. Bagels, fruit, cookies, hard boiled eggs and more were waiting. After the stop the routes split and ours hits a more significant climb, one of two before a mini rest stop in Ridgeway, WI. The two climbs aren't steep but are each well over a mile long. The routes were revamped for 2009 to reduce the climbing from "challenge event" type numbers but it is still far from flat. We stopped for a minute at the mini stop to top off our bottle and let Jenny stretch. One long downhill into the wind followed by another climb got us to the final rest stop before the ride finish back at Tyrol. A few snacks and some sitting in the shade primed us for the last miles. Jenny wanted to return via the 30 mike route finish instead since it is shaded and just as scenic so that's what we did.

One of my Fatcyclist jerseys
 Back at Tyrol we loaded to tandem and swapped our jerseys for tee shirts before eating. This year the meal was Greek dishes, a salad with Feta and olives, gyros, and hummus.  There was also a spinach and cheese in pastry thing that was good but I have no idea what it is called. I choked down half a beer while we discussed if the menu would be well received.

Next year back to the 100 mile route.