Friday, September 17, 2010

Door County Century - Her Story

Chad's post pretty much sums up the trip.  Here is a little extra from me...

This was my FIRST CENTURY!  It was nice; end of the season, fairly flat, and in a beautiful area of Wisconsin.

The day before, we did some of our favorite Door County things.  See Chad's post for a play-by-play!

Our hotel room was beautiful.  It is the first floor suite in the picture with the porch out front.

There was a piano in the entry to the building.  I think there were four suites all together in the house.  The bed was super tall, but very comfortable.
 I'm not sure Chad was as impressed with the fanciness, as he used the poster of the bed as a coat rack.  The bathroom had a two person whirlpool(not used), and a wonderful shower with a great shower head.  Yes, I do judge my hotel rooms by the shower head.  This one had powerful jets and was tall enough I did not have to contort myself to rinse my hair.  There were soft, comfy robes to slip into after the shower too.

We walked through downtown Fish Creek and picked up some fancy sparkling water to have with our other treats in the room.  That is a Monster Cookie from the Pink Bakery in Egg Harbor.  I think the thing weighed 2 pounds! That is a lot of frosting in there between two huge chocolate chip cookies.

Waking up in the morning, I jumped out of bed and turned on the in room fireplace to warm up.  It was hard to leave the warm, wonderful room and head out into the cold early morning air.  It was even harder to miss the breakfast included with the room, but we did get our on the ride snack here later.

The park in Sister Bay was a previously photographed family vacation stop, and it felt a little weird being here on bike.  Most of our rest stops were quick as there was not much food to consume.

One of the strangest things I saw on the ride was a sign every mile.  I haven't been on a ride before that did this.  Kind of nice, I guess.  You couldn't loose track of how much farther you had to go.  The signs counted up in mileage until the 70 mile course joined back in and then it counted down in miles left to go.

Finally, the end came...

My first century was done, and it wasn't even bad at all.