Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snowshoeing Across the Lake

All right, it may have been late in the season for snowshoeing.  Chad laughed when I offered the idea to Zack.  But there is still snow on the ground, in some places.  Zack really enjoyed playing in the yard with his snowshoes a few weeks ago, the sun was finally out, and we all had the day off work or school.  Zack jumped at the chance to go. 

There are several parks in the area and all are wooded so I figured we would find OK conditions.  The closest park looked pretty good, there was plenty of snow on the trail although it was pretty well packed down.  The park also contained a small lake that we could cross to shortcut the trail.  After getting on the snowshoes, we headed to the trails. 
There were a lot of animal footprints to check out, Zack thought he saw bear tracks but I'm pretty sure they were from a large dog.  We headed to the beach to sun ourselves before crossing the lake.
I think Zack was a little nervous crossing the lake at first, but if I went first that seemed to be better.  We encountered more tracks going across the lake, and one was quite unusual since it seemed like a foot was dragging with each sequence.  Zack, who is a footprint expert since he just covered the subject a couple weeks ago in Challenge Group, said this was the track of a fox, because the extra mark indicates such.  Chad and I stared at each other and agreed because neither of us knew any different.  Zack seemed confident so that was enough for us.  Here is the fox track.

The other side of the lake was a haphazard trail and at times difficult but we all made it through. 

It come out onto the main trail again near a rock grouping that we climbed because Zack said it was a great spot for a geocache.  He took one look around the rocks, from a distance, and declared there were no caches here. 
On we moved to back to the beach area, but this time we were in the shadows and it became a little chilly.  I suggested a hot drink and cookies at the local chocolate shop, but the boys had other things in mind.  They had to go back to the beach to try and break ice.  They laughed and called me a girl when I objected, so I let them have a little fun before we headed to our snack.