Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vacation Trip to Chicago

Zack has been waiting to go to Chicago since school was still in session in the spring.  He heard rumor from 2nd grade that at the Museum of Science and Industry you can make your own top.  Months later we were finally able to go and fulfill his dream of his very own top.

We headed there first thing in the morning to hopefully beat the crowds at the Museum.  Kevin and I saw the movie Tornado Alley in the huge IMAX theater soon after we arrived.  While we were at the movie, Chad and Zack made the top in the Toymaker 2000.  Zack's is actually a gyroscope and he was able to choose his color and watch the top being put together and packaged.  It is engraved with the date we were there and his name.  The mission was accomplished.

We poked around the rest of the museum.  The Science Storms exhibits were new and pretty cool.  There were a lot of hands on experiments we could do.  We stayed until the kids were ready to go to the gift store and before they were too hungry.
A video projection where the butterflies land on your shadow.  Zack liked to shoo them away.

Dress of the future where you can change the color non-stop

Zack's nose catching lightning
The rest of the trip centered around food.  We went to Murphy's Red Hots for some Chicago dogs and Italian beef.  The food was all great.  The interior seating was quite small but there was a small crowd since it was later in the afternoon.

We stopped for dessert at ICream where you choose your flavor, color and mix-ins and the ice cream is created with liquid nitrogen.  I was hoping for flavored hot pudding that Chad had last time we went, but it must be a seasonal winter item.  I guess that just means a return trip will be necessary.