Monday, August 22, 2011

Wisconsin State Fair 2011

Catching up a bit on the last few weeks.  We have done a lot of stuff, and have been so busy that I haven't had time to post everything here.

We went to the Wisconsin State Fair to enjoy the animals, food, and sights.  We checked out the rabbit barn so the kids could see the kinds of animals I kept when I was their age.  Zack loved the rabbits, but we left them all there in the cages.

A young Dutch rabbit, just like I used to raise

After the rabbit barn we headed to draft horse wagon classes being judged.  There was a lot of bling on all of the wagons and horses.

Next up was pig races.  The pigs were all named after famous celebrities.  I'm sure the celebrities would be proud, especially if their pigs were winners.  There must have been a pretty good treat at the end because most of the pigs were running pretty fast.

My most enjoyable area at the fair is the Wisconsin Products Pavilion.  In here are all the local food growers and producers associations offering their products to try.  We had apple cider donuts, cherry crisp, ice cream, flavored milk, and loaded baked potatoes.  I could have spent all day, but there was much more fair to experience. 

We checked out the "as seen on TV" merchandise area, mostly because it was air conditioned.  We also walked through the projects building with all the photography, fancy cakes, and flowers. 

It was a hot day, but we saw a lot of things, and of course we brought home a 3 pack of the famous Cream Puffs.  This year Kevin experienced a cream puff and ate the whole thing.  We may have to upgrade to a 6 pack next year if Zack wants one.