Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cue sheets

If you ride you know what they are and if not you likely won't care about this post. Anyway based on the question from my Garmin post clearly finding software for making a cue sheet is not an easy task. I don't make cue sheets often since I know most roads in my area but a couple of years ago found a handy way to generate them quickly.

Here is the CueSheet program, they have made it even easier to get running since I first found it. The basics are drag the bookmark to your bookmark folder, make a Google map of the route, then open the bookmark and your cue sheet pops up to be printed from notepad or any word processor program. I just created a 70 mile route start to cue sheet in 3 minutes.

One note on the Garmin 305 if you read the information on the Cue Sheet generator program you will see it will upload a course to the Garmin as well. Now I will have to see if I can get that working for the Wright Stuff Century .

Oh no it worked I have the 2009 WSC route and will be creating and uploading it to my Garmin for the day of the ride. No I won't share route information before then since it was provided only for marking purposes.