Thursday, August 6, 2009


What is a GBOP?

The kids have had this thing on their wish list for birthdays for the last couple years. This weekend they received belated birthday gifts from Grandma & Grandpa. We were on vacation during the typical birthday party time for the boys, so it's been kind of a nonstop birthday month, a little here and a little there. Way too much cake, that's for sure. Well, they opened a joint present and low and behold, the coveted GBOP (Great Big Outdoor Playball). And Zack states, after reading the box, "Good thing, I'm 6!", as it says on the box for ages 6 and up. And up, well that means I can use it too, right?

Good thing Chad has an air compressor in the garage. The ball is like a honeycomb of individual air compartments. The first go around was a little flat and didn't roll very well, but after a little more inflation the kids went crazy, Zack especially. Technique had to be learned. seems like you can roll in it sideways down the hill, or do somersaults in it down the hill. I even tried it for a short roll, until I realized that rolling down a hill with my bum knee was a little painful.

Next up, thanks to Chad's suggestion, was putting water in this thing to see if it would reduce friction enough to slide sitting up the whole way down the hill. Looked a little better, but nothing like riding down a water slide. Anyways the kids have had a blast with the GBOP for days. Good thing it stores on top of our kayak trailer in the garage, it would be a pain to blow up each time. I just have to keep an eye out for any use in child bowling in the backyard, the kids were told no pushing it down the hill. I also wouldn't want to see any body parts come bouncing uncontrollably out of this thing.

One of the boys taking the GBOP back up the hill in the backyard.

Yep, that's me in the GBOP, complete with static hair.