Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

So last weekend we managed to kayak, mountain bike, and run.

The kayak trip Saturday was an 8 mile float down the Pecatonica River in southwest Wisconsin. We met a couple of friends who had camped in the area, this got me out of having to bike the shuttle route. The sky cleared just before we launched into the muddy water. I can't say the scenery was anything special, corn, weeds and muddy banks. The silence was frequently broken by ATV'ers on the rail trail that runs near the river. The need to have four wheel drive on a flat gravel path is beyond me, to be honest why they allow motorized vehicles on the trail is beyond me.

The take out is in a Darlington,WI park. The park has full facilities and camping, but no developed boat launch to be found. The park and town seem to be aimed at ATVing so I doubt we will be returning.

Sunday plans were made after watching a mountain biking video on the Fatcyclist blog. Jenny had been thinking of coming with me for awhile, and her knee has been feeling good, so we went for it minus the boys. The intermediate level trails are beyond Kevin's skill level and no way I'm trying it with the trail-a-bike.

We hit the trails early and Jenny went from nervous to clearing most of the small rock gardens and roots. I still get tripped up frequently and was shocked at how fast Jen progressed and was keeping up with me. We rode about 5 miles and headed for home with only a scraped forearm from Jen using a tree to slow down. I'm sure we will be back for more especially as the weather cools this fall.

Jenny and I wrapped up the weekend with her 15 minute running program from physical therapy.

I ran 4 more miles Monday morning just to be sure I'd be tired to start my work week off right.