Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend of Rest

We had been busy during the week so last weekend we didn't do much of anything. Kevin and I went snowboarding for a little bit Sunday and other than my runs that has been the extent of activities lately.

My running is going alright, middle of week five of eighteen headed to a 10 mile long run. Today was a 5 miler that went alright but without the Garmin I had to best guess my pace. Before the end of March I'll have to get signed up for the marathon or the price keeps going up. I expect the next group of long runs which go into the teens should help me decide.

Looking into March group bike rides are starting to be planned. Last year we did a Pi Day ride on March 14th, short ride followed by pie at the Hubbard Street Diner. If the weather is good I expect at least two of us will be there again and I'd like to drag the boys along but don't think they are game. If everyone else gets lazy I might try the lake crossing by bike still if I can find a few hours.