Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In a slump?

Another weekend went by without much outdoor activity, starting to think we have had enough winter. Bring on spring and maybe I'll have more to write about. We did attempt to go snowshoeing but ended up with just a short hike since the snow was well packed from lots of use.

Governor Dodge State Park was the destination of choice for the hike. We had been to see Stephens Falls in the winter before but not this late in the year. The Falls itself is a small stream but the walls of the canyon it flows into get lined with ice, enough people go ice climbing there. Kevin had his camera as well so here are some shots of the falls area, no one seems to have shot the group of ice climbers. It didn't look like much fun but whatever makes you happy I guess.

The next couple weekends are boys only if we leave town, EMT refresher and Fire Command for Jen. I'm thinking the lake ride is this Saturday or not at all this year. Maybe some boarding with at least Kevin before the snow gets really bad.

On the marathon front I ran a 10 miler in 1:31:47 or a 9:09 pace and felt fine so on I go into the teens after a step back week. Running out of town is much more fun than the 3-5 mile runs I do in town so that helps. I'll start getting pictures on the long runs soon, gloves limit my ability to run the camera on my phone but won't need them much longer.