Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How did this happen?

I knew my running had cut my riding a bunch but finding my rear tire flat on my road bike was a shock. I knew it was leaking, bad patch job last spring, but how long ago was my last roller session?

Last Friday I did get a ride in on my Tricross. The weather was turning cold so grabbed the chance when I could. The bike is still in it's winter gear ratio of 42X18 so I spun like mad to keep the speed up. I'll be getting my bikes back in shape next week and plan at least two one hour rides a week going forward. No big events until late summer so running and riding with the kids trumps solo riding for now.

My marathon training is taking about four hours right now and keeps getting longer. A 13 mike run a year and a half ago left me sore for days, yesterday I did 13 then went to work. That said I'm not sure how far I can push it but doubt the 20 milers will be doable before work. My coworkers think I'm crazy and I'm not sure they are far off.

Where is everyone else? The boys won't ride until it is warm and neither is interested in running at the moment. Ice free lakes or dry hiking trails and time to get to either should draw them away from the TV. Jen is very busy at work (understatement of century) but we did sneak in a night run Saturday which went well.

Now before I head out for coffee I'm signing up for the Madison marathon.