Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring already?

Spring seems to have come to Wisconsin earlier than I expected. All plans for last weekend got canceled due to warm weather or kids laziness. Now three days of fog and rain have me convinced snowboarding is over for the season anywhere near us.

This weekend is Canoecopia in Madison which I might attend with the boys while Jenny is on command duty. I don't need anything but is fun to look around plus there is a bike sale with a trials rider doing shows for free. Free unless you give in to the boys asking for a DVD which they watch once. I'll need to check which one we have to avoid buying a duplicate.

Running just keeps going with a 13 mile long run coming up Monday. I figure after I do that one I'll sign up for the Madison Marathon before it fills up or I chicken out. Today I did 6 miles in shorts, 47 degrees and on off rain why not?