Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Only 12 miles

Monday morning when I opened my email I was surprised to see my run was not the 13 miles I expected, unfortunately it turned out 12 was plenty.

As with most Mondays I'm ready to go at 7 when I get up but by the time I get the boys to school my brain says I should sleep more. Sleep won since waiting also meant warmer temps for the run. By 9 I was up and out the door with no route in mind.

I have loops out of town of 5 and 7 miles that I run frequently. I wasn't feeling great and figured if I looped by the house I'd be tempted to stop. Trouble was I only had 12oz of water, a Gu gel and a pack of Sport Beans which meant would need to find water at some point. I headed to the rail trail with the idea of running 5 on it then refill and do my 7 mile loop. As I ran west on the trail I talked myself into doing all 12 by going out 6 before turning for home. I wasn't sure I would make it to Blue Mounds by mile 6 or where I would get water without any money on me. The trail was snow free but a bit soft but i wasn't sinking in much compared to the track others had made. The number of footprints in the trail dropped off quickly after leaving town and reappeared as I approached Blue Mounds. In between towns the trail parallels a four lane highway so it isn't all that scenic until close to Blue Mounds which is where I started to see deer and other smaller animal tracks in the trail. Mile 6 came right at the village park, no water or bathroom open this early in the season. On my way to the only gas station in town I lucked out and found the municipal building was open. That was a relief since I hate going into a business and not buying something. A quick bottle fill and I was back on the trail headed home.

I made it just east of town before my stomach turned on me, great 5 miles home or a mile back to the municipal building. Figuring I didn't want to do 14 miles I kept heading for home and once I took a break from drinking I felt better. The rest of the run home felt fine except, a sore left heel during the run has my hip sore today so I'll bike or stretch to loosen it up I guess.

13 miles coming up Sunday or Monday