Thursday, May 13, 2010

20 Miles on Mother's Day

Setting my alarm for 6am sounded fine until it was midnight and I was just getting to bed. It was a fire call kept Jen and I up. Even a call that turned out to be nothing but drive out, sit blocking traffic, drive back to the station took an hour maybe more.

So at 6am I was up and out the door in 20 minutes even with a last minute gear change. It was 36 degrees but sunny so I went with shorts, a heavy short sleeve shirt, arm warmers, fleece hat and glove liners. Since I would be out for over 3 hours I took my Amphipod belt with a plan to refill at mile 10. Of course both my Garmin and iPod shuffle went along.

The run was an out and back on the rail trail, not much to say it went just as expected. I got out to my turn around point to find the water fountain missing. Okay I know it's all the same pipe but public bathroom sink water just makes me not want to drink, I topped up anyway and headed home.

Same trail different season.

I detoured once back in town to get the hours for the restaurant Jenny wanted to eat at for Mother's day brunch. I should have checked the menu, turns out they no longer have brunch type food. We bailed out heading instead to the coffee and chocolate shop for breakfast and hung out playing games on our iPod Touches. Very much not "doing it all outside" but we all had fun, some warmer weather would be nice to lure the boys back into outdoor activities. Zack is ready for a Planet Trek repeat after I pointed out the sign for Pluto was back in place near the trail.

All my runs now until the marathon will seem short by comparison. I'm confident I'll finish and am shooting for a 4:15 or better despite all the advice against time goals for a first marathon. Jenny will be riding her bike to meet me a few point along the marathon course so I hope to have better pictures for that post.