Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 days to go

In five days I'll be running the Madison marathon, it seems like forever since I started my training. I'm not nervous yet but expect sleeping Saturday night will be tough. My biggest concern for race day so far is being properly fueled without over doing it.

Yesterday I did 8 miles starting at 8:30am. I went out slow and never picked the pace up from just under a 10 minute pace. Turned out the temperature was 85 F when I got back in the house, I'm glad the forecast for Sunday is much cooler. I'll be resting and hydrating all week with only 9 more miles to run this week.

Once the marathon is over I'll be switching back to cycling more especially since the boys are asking to go ride. Zack made me commit to a date that we can ride into Madison again.

Short post today, gotta get the boys to school.