Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day out in Middleton

After fire training and yard work, we headed in to a late lunch at Hubbard Diner in Middleton. We are on this kick of trying new restaurants and it's been working out pretty well.  On Saturdays and Sundays Hubbard Diner has brunch until 3:00 pm.  This means a couple of special items, and anything off the breakfast menu.  Chad had a special egg scrambler, I had a black bean burger with salsa, sour cream and Monteray Jack cheese.  Kevin had Mac n'Cheese and said it was better than the dish he likes at Bluephies in Madison.  He said the sauce was creamier.  Unfortunately we didn't have any room for their famous pies.  We will have to go back another time.

Zack dressed in his swimsuit when we left home since the plan was to go to the Middleton Splash Park.  We were there last Saturday, but the fountains were already off for the day.  After lunch we headed over there.  Zack had a bunch of time playing in fountains. 

The kids were hungry for dessert after Zack was done in the Splash Park.  Seeing the menu at Hubbard Diner, they had favorites they wanted to try.  We headed back there for shakes.  Kevin ordered a Dreamsicle Shake and Zack had some minty, cookie, chip kind of flavor.  The kids liked the shakes but the straw was too narrow for Zack to suck up the cookie pieces effectively.  Chad and I were still full from lunch so we went over to a cupcake shop around the corner, Bloom Bake Shop.  The shelves were pretty well cleared out, but there were still some awesome flavors left.  We picked up four cupcakes.  Two Maple Bacon(yes, bacon), a Lime Coconut, and a Salted Chocolate Caramel.  The staff was very friendly, and were working hard on baking more cupcakes to fill the shelves.  They apologized for the limited selection, but we left very happy with our choices.  The cupcakes were good, and Chad said they were the best cupcakes he has had from a bakery.