Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Bike Ride Around Lake Monona

For Father's Day we took Chad for a bike ride.  The same bike ride proposed last week.  A ride around Lake Monona.  Maybe the boys felt more obligated to do it since it was Father's Day, but I figured that they would enjoy it.

The weather was nice, mostly cloudy, not too hot or humid.  The route we took was Capital City Trail from Monona Terrace to Waunona Way, Winnequah Road, then follow the bike route signs to Our ride was 14 miles total, and we took a stop halfway through at a soda fountain off the beaten trail, Monona Bait and Ice Cream Shop.  They have Babcock Ice Cream, and the typical fountain treats like sundaes, ice cream sodas, flavored Cokes, and phosphates.  There was a nice enclosed porch to sit on in the front of the building, or tables outside under a big tree.  We chose outside at a picnic table to enjoy our treats.  Chad got a free sundae for Father's Day, and everyone enjoyed their mid-ride treats.  Across the street from the ice cream shop is a park with a beach on Lake Monona that was a quick stop before we restarted the ride.

On the ride the boys saw the back of Olbrich Gardens, and they want to make a trip there sometime.  And they may even be talked into riding our bicycles to get there.  After the ride and loading the bikes, slices at Ian's Pizza on State Street finished up our day out on the town.