Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beginning of our Door County Trip 2011

We recently returned from our annual trip to Door County.  The weather was nice, a little cool at times.  It was certainly nicer than the heat wave and high humidity we came home to.

We planned bike riding, kayaking, hiking, geocaching, running, swimming, and much more for our trip.  These next several posts will highlight what we did on our vacation.

Chad arrived on Saturday, a day later than the rest of us, since he had to work on Friday night.  Once he was there, we headed to shop, eat, and poke around for the day.

We went to Hands On Art to make some fused glass garden stakes.  You make the artwork one day then come back the next after they fire it overnight.

For supper we went to The English Inn, a new place for us.  The food was very good; steaks, prime rib, pasta.  Zack had a kiddie cocktail that came with a sword with cherries on it.  After we ate, he entered a duel with the knights outside.

That evening, after supper, we headed into Egg Harbor for sunset at the park and GELATO, yum!

We get gelato at Double Delights.  Zack likes to get Bacon Cheese popcorn there as well, but they were out this night.