Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rainy Day on Washington Island

The weatherman on TV in the morning said none of the rain on the radar was reaching the ground.  OK, sure, we'll go with that.  It was the last day in Door County and we needed to go the big island via the ferry.  I mean, we already downloaded some caches and had a planned bike trip.  We headed up the Door for the ferry landing then unloaded the bikes.  The radar looked like the area of possible precipitation would pass while we were on the ferry.  It did start raining shortly after the ferry set off for Washington Island, and it was not raining much when we offloaded.  We headed north to our destination of Little Lake, the only inland lake on Washington Island.  The lake edge is located 250 feet from Lake Michigan, separated by a cobblestone ridge left by the glaciers long ago.

Up in the same area is People's Park, a small park giving views of lake on the west side of Lake Michigan.  It was here we stopped for a geocache and see the storms rolling in.  It was also here that we first heard thunder.  The storm looked south of us a bit, so we continued on.

Jacobsen Museum was nearby.  It is a cool old log building housing historical artifacts from the area.  We concentrated our search outside, where there were lots of maritime artifacts and the walkway to Little Lake.
crazy wide tree

Little Lake

See below

Hearing more and louder thunder, we hightailed it out of there and biked as quick as we could back to the ferry dock.  The sky was getting pretty dark, and about halfway back the raindrops started falling.  Much of the road back was tree lined so nobody got too wet since the rain was light as well.  At the ferry dock we stopped at Island Pizza for bags of fries and slices of pizza.  Soon after getting our table under the canopy the sky let loose and it began pouring.  Lightning strikes could be seen out over the lake.  We hung out eating lunch until the next ferry was close to boarding.  The rain had subsided just before then and we boarded without getting wet.  I guess timing is everything.