Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kayak to Cana Island

Another wonderful day in Door County gave us the opportunity to kayak to Cana Island.  We left from Moonlight Bay, which is accessible from Reiboldt's Creek.  There is a small gravel pull off for parking just before the culvert at the creek.  There is a small grass launch area into the shallow creek.  Stick to the small, deep channel to avoid bottoming out.  Further out in the bay is a town launch as an option for the boats, but there is a launch fee per boat.

It is a very quiet paddle, we saw no one else at the launch or in the water on the kayak, other than a couple small fishing boats.  There is another bay area to cross, so the closest line does take the kayaks further away from shore.  It was a long paddle and Kevin did need a tow before getting to the island.  You can also access the island, and tours of the lighthouse, by crossing a causeway.  The causeway has been above water for years.  Chad and I went many years ago when it was up to knee deep in cold water before we gave up and turned around.  The island is a very photographed lighthouse in Door County, although I found the trees are growing quite high around the light house compared to others I have seen in the county.

Kayaking was a wonderful way to approach the island, and we took a break on the shore before heading back.  Care must be taken when pulling on shore as there is a large shallow rock shelf that extends quite a ways out, which I suppose was the reason for the lighthouse placement.

The kids build one of the famous stacked rock towers

I really don't like get the stacked rocks and Chad and the kids know that