Monday, July 4, 2011

Swimming was a daily event at Meadow Ridge

When we are up in Door County this time of year we stay at our timeshare at Meadow Ridge in Egg Harbor.  They have a lot of amenities to offer owners including bike rentals, tennis courts, hiking trail, indoor/outdoor pool, movies, games, and more.  This year we checked out a couple games, and that was a lot of fun.

It was a little chilly for the outdoor pool this year.  Only Saturday was warm enough to use it, otherwise the kids swam inside in the heated pool.  Here are some pictures of some of their hijinks this year in the pool.

Zack practicing for the Olympic synchronized swimming event

The pool was never very crowded when we went late afternoon
Kevin was sure he could weave the floatation devices together to stand up on them...
...but this is about how it ended every time
Kevin with his Backdraft-era William Baldwin hair style. 

Zack wanted his hair pictured too.  It's spiky!