Monday, July 4, 2011

Geocaching at Peninsula State Park

The weather was marginal looking on the next day of our vacation; possible rain and windy.  We decided to do a little geocaching for the day.  First we needed to download some caches which required some wifi.  We eventually found some at the Fish Creek Library, but on our search we stopped at Blue Horse Bistro.  I splurged and ordered a Vacation Latte.  Let's just say it was made with half-n-half which made it quite creamy and good.  And it came with a smiley face.

Our caches for the day led us to Peninsula State Park that had some new caches and we cleared out a cache we couldn't find last year.  With the windy day, it was blowing the mosquitoes around so we had fewer bites than normal.  One of the caches was a multistep Ranger Rick cache.  Zack was pretty excited about this one since he gets the magazine.  The starting point was the Nature Center in the park which has a lot of neat displays inside.  We checked these out after the final cache was found, since Zack had to reveal his solved puzzle from the caches to earn a prize from the Nature Center staff.
Chad and Zack also played an intense game of Bear and Fish checkers.  Boy, it was a close one, but Chad finally backed Zack into a corner and won the game.
One of the other park caches was close by the Eagle Tower, so we climbed up for some views of the surrounding area.
Horseshoe Island in the background

In the bay towards Eprhraim
The cache was close to Eagle Terrace, downhill from the tower.  It was a multi-step that required us to answer from information on a sign overlooking the view.  After waiting for the area to clear of other visitors we went in for the kill.

Lunch for the day was another of our favorites, custom made sandwiches from Fish Creek Market, a quaint grocery store in downtown Fish Creek.