Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cave Point Kayak

The next day, the winds were light and from the right direction for a kayak to Cave Point.  We have done the trip before, and it is always fun.  We packed up and headed out, finding a local kayak tour group at the launch site as well.  The guide said they had a group out in the morning and found conditions great.  It was pretty busy there at the Schauer Road launch, as after we had shoved off there were two more groups unloading.

Cave Point is a County Park in Door County, surrounded by Whitefish Dunes State Park.  Cave Point has underwater caves with some areas you can kayak into.  We took a pit stop out on the beach so Zack could get his feet wet.  You can also pull the kayaks up to the rocks in front of the cliffs and climb out.  Many people were at the park this day having picnics on the rocks, but in the lake it was not near as busy.  Kayaking to Cave Point gives a nice, quiet viewpoint to the beautiful features of nature.