Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hanging out in Madtown

Kevin ditched us for a sleepover birthday party tonight, so the three of us headed into the big "Madtown" to run some errands and have some dinner.  Chad suggested we try someplace new, and there are a lot of restaurants on the Capital Square that we never have been to.  We ate at The Old Fashioned, a restaurant with food based on the food served at Wisconsin supper clubs and taverns.  The restaurant was decorated with old beer signs and banners with pictures of cheese.  Just walking in the door was all Wisconsin, with a refrigerated case at the hostess stand with various cheeses to buy.

We were seated on the second floor, just a couple small tables from large windows overlooking the state capital.  The meal was good, and we all had ideas of more menu items to try the next time we come. 

After dinner, the temperature didn't seem too bad, so we walked around the capital building.  Zack was testing his five finger shoes in addition to challenging Chad to races.  Some of the races were sprints and others were jumping challenges.

Is that Spiderman?
Check out that air!

We spotted a pretty view of Lake Mendota on the last side of the capital, which gave me the idea of heading over to the UW Memorial Union to have some Babcock Hall ice cream lakeside.  It was a little cool to eat outside, but we found a table inside to finish our cold dessert at before heading out to walk along the lake.

The boys and I went to the Middle School production of Alice in Wonderland that some of Kevin's friends were in.  The play was funny and the kids did a great job, especially with only two weeks of practice in the final weeks of school.  I was reminded of this play as Zack sat on the chair on the Memorial Terrace.  "Drink Me"
Small Zack