Monday, May 25, 2009

A Ride Before Blasting Off

Chad and I went for a bike ride on Sunday. 55 miles on some rolling hills. We rode the tandem so I didn't have to push it too much with my knee. Thankfully Chad is strong enough to pull me when I get tired. There was a strong wind, but the ride was nice, our longest of the season so far. Halfway into the ride the ride coordinators had a water stop with bagels and bananas. Chad and I split some Peach Tea Sharkies on the return trip because the hills seemed steeper(ok, more like legs tired). The Peach Tea flavor was not awful, but I still like the Berry flavors better.

It was a beautiful day, and when we arrived to retrieve the kids, Kevin was indoors watching tv. Trying to think of something to get him outside, an intriguing commercial came on for the Banzai Titan Blast Rocket. Boasting an amazing 7 foot rocket that shoots up to 100 feet in the air, it was just too much for the boys(all three) to pass up. A quick internet search showed that Toys R Us had it in stock and away they went.

Well it is large, the main part of the rocket is inflatable the the remainder is foam so it is not too heavy. Takes about 20 or so ounces of water to fill up the tank and 140 pumps to pressurize. Since our yard doesn't accommodate very well a rocket shooting 100 feet in the air with possible drift we took it to the neighborhood park. Kevin set off the first blast, too quick for the camera. But here is Zack's blast off.
It all went too fast to tell if it was 100 feet up but there was some good hang time and drifting before crashing down to earth. Everything seemed to work well, we only had taken two bottles of water so two blast-offs was it. The rocket survived, there was a small leak in the tip that was patched the next day, but we'll see how many crash landings it can take.