Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Road Trip to Run

Last Saturday was a long day. I left home for work at 4:15pm Friday May 1st and got back Saturday at 6pm. In just under 26 hours I covered 430 miles at work, about 500 miles in my car and 13.1 miles on foot.

So at 2:30am myself and a friend headed north to run the Door County Half Marathon. As we left we discussed the local runs we had noticed that would not have involved a 8 hour road trip.

After only one stop for food and Gatorade we were at the park just before 6am. Then next 3 hours were spent trying to sleep in the car, no idea but I may have got an hour of sleep. Around 9 we went and got our packets and t-shirts. Then came the hard decision of what to wear. It was sunny but only near 50 degrees so after twice changing my mind I settled on a short sleeve shirt and arm warmers. Brian chose his gear and we headed to the start area.

The race started just after 10 from the Nicolet Bay boat launch. The entire 13.1 mile course was within Peninsula state park. The park was closed to traffic on the race route until 2pm which made for a nice run. Aid stations were frequent with different groups offering water and a lemon lime drink. One stop had Gu shots in at least six different flavors.

While Brian and I lined up together after maybe a half mile he was gaining ground and cutting between people to go faster. I lost sight of him by mile 3. I talked with a few people as we ran, one guy and I ran from miles 3-9 on and off. I would fall behind when my water bottle was empty and I needed to refill but I like it better than slamming glasses at the water stations. I ate 2 packs of Jelly Belly sports beans (cherry with caffeine) starting at mile 4 eating 3-4 at a time they lasted through mile 12. The finish line crew was announcing names as runners came in, might be normal but new to me. I had my cheering group via text message, I was sending Jenny updates as I went and would get encouragement back as I went along. 1:57.47 on the clock at the end, my goal of a 9 minute pace was met. Another volunteer removed my timing chip and I got my finisher's metal as I left the chute headed for the car.

A quick stretch and we were of the the Door County Bakery for a Corsica loaf. Stop two was for showering at our timeshare in Egg Harbor. Once clean I needed to stop for wine for Jenny then we grabbed "lunch" eating at McDonald's in Door County is just wrong. We were on a mission to get home so cheeseburgers and fries and eating on the go. One stop for gas and I was at my house by 6pm.

I may do the run again next year or the 5k instead but will try to avoid the one day road trip.

Now to get some miles on my bicycles