Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mini Jeep

We took the kids geocaching Monday while running errands. We picked one close by, and we went so the boys could swap some treasure. Unfortunately the treasure was shut in the back hold of Chad's kayak on Saturday when we cached the Fever River, so this trip was a makeup since they didn't swap at the Fever cache. After waiting for the busy area to clear out, the boys scrambled under a bridge to retrieve the cache box. On opening Kevin was thrilled to finally find a travel bug, an elusive trackable item that has a code you can follow online. Some have particular destinations in mind, but all are to be shortly sent on their way to another location. And amazingly the bug in the box was a Jeep Travel Bug still in circulation around the country.

It was a miniature of my Jeep Commander, right down to the skylites, sunroof and red color.

Isn't it cute? We'll enjoy it for the week and then send it on it's way at a yet to be determined cache. This travel bug's goal is just to travel around the country. We have our own travel bugs on order from REI so the boys can release some on our summer vacations.