Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Geocaching by mountain bike

That was the plan anyway, we got the cache but had to hike from the Jeep. The mountain bike trails at Governor Dodge state park had more hills than we could handle so after a steep climb right off the parking lot hiking looked like a good idea. The hike was about 2 miles each way according to the geocache information we had. Our goal was a rock formation that held an earth cache and a traditional cache.

The earth cache was easy since it is in the cave on the "Cave Trail", find the information requested and done. The traditional cache was much harder to access unless we missed the easy way up. Kevin and I went first hoping for a quick find on top of the rocks, after failing we went back and helped Zack and Jenny up. After some pictures on the rocks Zack and Kevin found the ammo box hidden very well behind a flat stone concealing a hollow area. Here we left the mini Jeep travel bug and debated how long it would be there. It was agreed that if it doesn't move before our trip to the Tetons we will go back and grab it for a big move. The promise of ice cream at the park concession stand provided motivation for all of us on the way back to the trail head.

Another adventure done we headed home. Jenny and I talking of possible new gear needed for safer more comfortable hiking in the future. Both the boys attention returned to their Nintendo DSi systems.