Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Door County Vacation

On vacation and loving it. We may be busier than normal with activities on vacation but it still feels much more relaxing. We can set our own schedule, wake up when we want, eat at restaurants that are new to us, and take naps during the afternoon. Vacation is awesome.

There are so many outdoor activities to do in Door County, and we try to do all of them. This is our fourth full day here and already we have run, biked, kayaked, geocached, and played mini-golf. The weather has been great, a little warm for Door County this time of year, but still great.

We also went to Hands On Art Studio, where we made fused glass mosaics that we are going to hang somewhere in the yard upon our return home. We layered clear glass with pieces of different types of colored glass. It all cooked and melted together with a copper ring tucked inside for hanging. They fire the works overnight for pickup the next afternoon.

We have also deposited the boys geocaching travel bugs, which I don't think I had time to blog before we left. I'll post pictures when we get home. Both were dropped off on Washington Island, also known as the source of wheat for the Island Wheat beer from Capital Brewery, among many other things. We have been to the island before once, but don't recall if it was before or after Zack. It wasn't recent and so I think Zack's first big water crossing, even if it was only thirty minutes or so. In almost-6-year-old-land this was an adventurous feat, and he asked if the people there spoke our language. He was relieved when I assured him that they do. We traveled by bicycle from the ferry landing to the Rock Island ferry crossing and back. The view to Rock Island is shown in the picture with the barn. The top picture is the Lookout Tower, the site of Kevin's bug drop off, and the cache box grab picture is the site of Zack's bug drop off. A 20 something mile trip overall. Along the way we stopped at 3 out of the 4 geocaches on the island. We would have hit the fourth but the kids were tired and it would have required a hike off the road that left the bikes unattended and the ferry back to the mainland was leaving in 10 to 15 minutes with the next one an hour later. The boys did very well on the "train", the Cannondale tandem with the trail-a-bike hooked to the back. We were cruising pretty fast on the trip back to the ferry landing. A stop for ice cream on the mainland topped off this daily excursion. Chad and I shared a great sundae at the Door County Ice Cream Factory. It was an Almond Joy with coconut ice cream, hot fudge, and chopped almonds, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Might have to enjoy another one of those before we head home, or try one of the other wonderful concoctions.

We have kayaked twice so far and have other trips planned. Today was a trip to Horseshoe Island to try a geocache that we missed years ago. Bugs were pretty bad, according to the kids. So Chad finished the find of the cache while the rest headed back to the boats to wait. The tree cover was dense but Chad was able to hunt down the box. Way to go, Chad! The water was smooth as glass on the trip over, winds were out of the south today. Kevin made it all the way over, and maybe a third of the way back before needing a tow. We hit the beach after the trip to the island and Zack built a sandcastle while Kevin snorkeled for shells. There was a pretty cool dragon sandcastle that had been completed before we arrived on the beach, but Chad and I voted Zack's the better of the two. Big brother, Kevin, voted for the dragon of course, even though he did provide shells for over the doorway of the castle.

Plenty more we have planned to do up here, and the weather looks like it will cooperate.