Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Seasonal slump

What season is it anyways? Tulips are still blooming, yet the sun tries to be making it seem more like summer. I guess I may just be wishing it were more like summer. It's that between cool spring and the summer warm-up when from day to day it could seem like either.

What does this mean for family outdoor activity? It means, what do we do?, what do we wear?, what extra clothes do we bring when the weather changes?. It means the unknown.

Last week was pretty cool and windy, but we were insistent on getting out on Saturday to do something outside. It was drizzling occasionally and windy but we still made it to the Farmers Market for our first visit of the season. We hit all our old favorites, the fresh cheese curds, the beef jerky sticks, the kettle corn across the street, and we picked up some potato doughnuts. Needed a warm up of coffee for Chad and I after the market, and after spending some time on State Street we headed for some Mother's Day shopping. The boys took me to buy some flowers and vegetable plants to put in my patio pots. I told Chad that what I wanted for Mother's Day was this trip and just asked that there was no to minimal complaining. Everyone cooperated, which I expected because the boys usually are busy looking for flowers to have planted in "their pots" to put on the deck or by the treehouse.

Sunday, I planted the vegetables and the boys' flowers, while Chad tried out a new purchase, The Weed Hound. It has little grabber prongs that pull out the weed with the root. Worked great and in no time Chad had a bucket full of dandelions. They seem very profuse this year.

I continue with my physical therapy exercise and precautions for my knee/leg/hip issues. It feels stronger, and I am hoping for good news at the end of this month.

Also hoping for warmer weather soon.