Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January thaw...yuck!

So if you live in Wisconsin you know it was in the mid 30's last week through Sunday. The result was bad snow for boarding, not that it stopped us. Also running is hard now thanks to very slick ice patches from melt water freezing up on sidewalks.

Jen and I went running Saturday for a couple of miles. The weather was warm but windy and foggy, had it been clear snow biking might have been more fun. As it worked out we avoided most of the wind by running in the older part of town. I ended my weekend running Monday with a 4 miler as I head into the first week of marathon training.

I have yet to commit to actually running the Madison Marathon but plan to see how training goes then decide. I know at some point I want to run a marathon, I'm just not sure this is the year. Also based on past training I wonder if I can go injury free long enough. I scheduled runs based on Hal Higdon's beginner plan with my long run on Monday so as to not effect family weekend plans. I suspect I'll be writing about running more as the training progresses.

Sunday was snowboarding day and we woke up to....rain. Kevin had been invited to go with a friend and stuck to the plan despite the weather. Jen and I on the other hand waited at home until about noon when the rain stopped. We loaded up and hit the hill after dropping Zack with my parents. The snow was loose but heavy and I would soon find out unforgiving. It normally takes a run or two to get me feeling confident I'm not going to hurt myself so of course on run three I went down. It was to be the first of three crashes none real bad or at high speed but I'm still stiff from the last one. In order they were a bad bump that slid me on my butt, a botched attempt at a banked turn on a terrain run, and coming to a stop at end of the run. The first two I get I know what happened and they didn't hurt anything more than my ego but that last one hurt. I was turning right on my toe edge to watch Jen finish her run and next thing I know I'm flat on my back. Pretty sure I got airborne but didn't hit my head so now my back is stiff but only hurts like too much weight lifting so it will pass. After a few more runs Jen and I went home, Kevin stayed and eventually showed up after dinner. He informed us he had now done all the runs at Tyrol including the double black diamond. The snowboards needed cleaning since the lift areas were thin on snow heck some of the hill looked thin as well. The boards had dirt in the wax so I spent an hour plus scraping and reapplying wax to get them ready for next time.

That's all for now, I need to get off the couch and do something before work.