Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wooly review

The boys I'm sure were ecstatic to hear that we were going clothes shopping for me on Saturday. OK, maybe not. But I pretty much knew what I was looking for, so it didn't take too long. Along the way, I also spotted a great sale rack deal on a hoody made of wool, henceforth I will call my Wooly. It is an Ibex Carrie Full Zip Hoody.

In the past I have stayed away from wool because my skin has lots of sensitivities and wool has caused rashes and made my skin itchy. This winter I have tried more wool products hoping for improvement. There are a few new pairs of socks containing wool with good results. My favorite has been Icebreaker socks. I also have purchased a pair of Icebreaker long underwear bottoms that work real well for snowboarding. These all use merino wool, which I guess has special properties like being insulating even when wet, breathable, washable, sustainable and I'm sure a lot of other cool things. Merino has a finer fiber than regular wool, so it is not scratchy. I like that I can wear wool because the Icebreaker long underwear has enough length to actually cover my legs. And the socks are pretty cool looking and tall enough to provide warmth to my entire lower leg.

So this Wooly didn't even feel like wool when I found it on the rack. It looked great on, and felt warm and comforting when I tried it on. My fleece jackets have not been able to keep up with keeping me warm around the house. It was great once I was wearing it around the house. I didn't have to cover up with a blanket, and I even wore it outside instead of a jacket to run errands. The temperature outside was in the mid-thirties, but I don't think the Wooly will be enough in below freezing temperatures. There was no itchiness around the wrists or neckline. Care instructions state I can machine wash but air dry. So my Wooly is now my favorite, kind of like each new purchase I make, but I think this one will stay favorite for a long time.

Sunday evening Chad and I cooked together in the kitchen and made a hearty meal. Seems like last time I posted a meal it was steak as well, but I love our steaks. We purchased a quarter of beef from one of Chad's coworkers, and this was the second time we have done so. The beef has so much more flavor and is super tender. We have really been enjoying it. I can't wait until the weather warms up so I will be in the mood for burgers and potato salad. This meal was steak, with some seasoned mashed potatoes, and bread with butter I made with a recipe from Bluephies. We enjoy this butter when we go dine there and last time we went I bought their cookbook that included the recipe. Alongside my dinner was a wonderful local brew, a Fallen Apple from Furthermore. Desert which is unpictured was our version of Bananas Foster where Chad caramelizes sugar on top of split bananas with a torch. Place them alongside ice cream and voila!