Saturday, January 9, 2010

Weekly Winner and Dead Snowmen

Welcome to any new blog readers who found us through Sierra Blogging Post's Weekly Adventure Photo Contest page. Chad won the weekly contest with one of his biking photos from last winter. The shot was taken while out on the local bike trail on his Specialized TriCross single speed. He took the picture with his cell phone camera so who knows what he could accomplish with a real camera out on the trail. He won $50 towards purchases on Sierra Trading Post. Great job Chad! Check out his winning picture if you haven't seen it yet.

Today was an errand day. Lots of stuff to run around and do in the big city. Before heading out, Chad and I rode bikes in the basement this morning. It was nice to be on the bike again, and having someone to talk to while riding makes the time go quickly. A quick shower and change and we were headed out the door with kids in tow.

We stopped to pick up Chad's birthday present at REI. A running top that is heavier duty for the cold temps around here. Chad said on the way home from work last night the temperature was -14 degrees. That's cold, and even though daytime temperatures are warmer it still takes some special clothing or lots of layers to run outside. I have a similar top that I am really happy with, and hope that this new one works well for Chad.

After lunch we headed to Whole Foods to drool over everything in the store and pick up a "few" items that always turns into more than planned. It was good that we had full bellies from lunch, as when we shop hungry the cart is full and then we get a carton full of fresh prepared food from the deli self serve. Mostly fresh meats, yogurt, pasta, and cheese today. I grabbed some awesome tangerine gum drops, although next time I'm looking for orange slices that Chad told me he sampled after he saw the gumdrops at home. I also picked up some canned chickpeas to try making some homemade kalamata olive hummus from a recipe I saw on Kath Eats Real Food blog. The last stop through the store is always past the bakery case and some special snowman cupcakes caught my eye today. The kids loved them too. Chad doesn't like a ton of frosting so none for him, because as you can see from the picture, it was loaded on top.

We ate a late dinner after some ice skating tonight, and the snowmen were so hard to resist that they were consumed immediately after dinner even though "fullness" was stated by all. Of course there were arguments about who got which one, because the candy on top was different on each. Then Zack decided he did not want his snowman. I took two on top of my cupcake and there was no good way to eat the thing with frosting that tall, so I knocked the snowmen over flat. Zack and Kevin commented that I "killed" them and of course Zack had further comments. He said the one snowman was more dead than the other because his eye was gone. Way too much frosting with the snowman so Mr. More Dead came off onto the plate.

The kids have recovered from the cupcake argument and are playing Wii. We're thinking snowboarding is in store for tomorrow, hopefully Zack will go as well.