Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snow Biking Returns

I finally got the mountain bike out for a snow ride and was reminded that it is a lot of work. Also shooting photos in the snow is not my strong point, I could only take standing still so long as my toes were frozen and the daylight was fading fast. I needed an extra day off from running after not enjoying my Friday run. I need a few feel good runs if I expect to start marathon training at the end of the month.

Saturday saw Kevin and I down at Tyrol for a couple hours of boarding, he is impressive tackling the black diamond runs almost as fast as I do. We didn't make it to the "C" chairlift he had promised to take me up, he tried it on a school trip and I have yet to go but the season is just getting good. The snow conditions were the best we've had so far so I hope it holds until next weekend when Jenny can come along.

Now on with the few pics from my ride.

This shot is over exposed so lost all snow detail subsequent shots on manual settings all too dark so I dumped them. At least the bike color is good.
Second and last stop for photos, again lost detail in the snow under the bike. Maybe I just don't have enough camera for what I expect. These were all shot with my Canon PowerShot sx100, I'd like a smaller pocket camera like Kevin's Nikon Coolpix S220 as the Canon is a bit of a brick. I'd like something like the Olympus EP2 but it is too big in size and price to throw in a pocket and risk landing on if I crash.

So I used Picasa and turned them black and white, not exactly what I planned more of a lemons to lemonade kind of thing.