Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to a tent

Our family camping experience started with Jenny and I in a cheap department store tent. We quickly moved to a Northface four season tent we purchased used, we still have it but the family is too big now. We ditched tent camping after a big thunderstorm when Kevin was along at Point Beach park on Lake Michigan. Next up was a small pop-up camper which also proved too small when Zack came along, oh yeah and the huge storm the first time all four of us went didn't help at all. So now we are back to a tent after four years of no camping.

Last Friday afternoon we loaded up the Jeep and headed off to Devil's Lake to camp for the night. It was to be a test run for a week long trip later this summer. What we learned was that the boys sleep just fine in a tent even as the temperature dipped into the 20's. At best Jenny and I had a long hard night with little good sleep. Jenny and I need to replace or over inflate the Therma-rest sleeping pads we have right now to get a good nights rest. Jenny was also cold and might need a sleeping bag rated for even lower temps.

Our meals at camp this trip were dinner cooked over the campfire and breakfast prepared in our friend's heated camper. Dinner was hot dogs, beans and chips followed by smores. Nothing fancy this trip just a test run. Breakfast was pancakes and scrambled eggs, test run here was the freeze dried eggs. I think they were good but the heat of the camper was all I really needed.

After breakfast we tore down our camp and went for a short drive to warm up before doing some geocaching but the warmth of the Jeep won out and geocaching was cancelled. We headed home and unpacked, did laundry and at least Jenny and I napped.

Everyone had a good time and we will head out again once it warms up a bit more.

Photos for this post were taken by Kevin