Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sharkies Sport Chews

Chad and I went out for a 20 mile ride yesterday. The kids opted out of a family ride to the Farmers Market and went to Grandma's house instead. The weather was beautiful, 70 degrees, sunny, a little windy. You know, that wind that no matter which way you're riding you are always riding into it. Chad rode his single speed Specialized and I rode my Klein. Probably a few more hills than I was expecting, but I managed. Chad taught me some new techniques for getting up the hills without mashing and near hyperventilating by the top.

Mid-ride we took a break so I could try out a pack of Sharkies Sport Chews that I was reviewing for Dan at Atkins Verona Bicycle Shoppe. I had a pack of Fruit Splash that Dan gave me a couple weeks back. The package states that the flavors included are cherry, blackberry, tangerine, and lemon. I will go by red, pink, orange, and yellow. Although I can probably figure out the color/flavor relationship, I guess I'm not sure because it seems like blackberry should be darker colored than pink, and I didn't savor them long enough to be certain of the red/pink flavor. I shared the bag with Chad. The package is listed as one serving, and if you want to know the nutritional info breakdown you can check out the back of the package. I tend to consume "stuff" when I start feeling funny, so numbers don't mean that much to me. I had the bag in a back jersey pocket so they were warm, but they didn't seem melty or overly sticky. Each fish was still seperate. There was an even mix of colors in the bag. I liked the flavors of the red and pink the most. Yellow was all right, and orange I didn't care for. I have no aversion to the fruits listed as flavors on the package, but the orange just tasted a bit off, chemically maybe. They were soft, but again they were warm. There was some teeth stickage, but not the entire fish. No bad aftertaste, and did not require a lot of water to wash down. In fact I did not drink water with them while consuming, just a couple swigs before heading off again. They provided quick energy and will try them again avoiding the orange colored ones. I'll check next time I'm at Atkins for the other flavor options.

Next ride I'll try the Power Bar Gel Blasts in lemon flavor.