Thursday, April 9, 2009


The first ride of the tandem plus trail-a-bike went better than Jenny or I could have hoped. We rolled out of town figuring maybe 4-5 miles at most. We stopped so Zack could get a drink 2 miles into the ride expecting one of them to be ready to turn back. Both of them wanted to go more so I offered up an 8 mile loop that was acceptable to all, no major climbs and mostly low traffic roads. Jenny smoked us on the climbs on her single bike and I could not open it up on the down hill runs. Zack the daredevil was leaning off center to see around Kevin and myself on the biggest hill we descended. I limited us to 25mph or so, hard on the brakes on a hill that would have sent us over 40mph easily.

Once back home the boys are ready to do more rides and interested in working up to longer distances. Guess we will be shopping for some cycling clothes for the boys soon.